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Englisch - für den Beruf

Online: Quick Business English Skills Booster A 2/B 1
Mi. 05.06.2024 18:00

Boost and improve your business English skills. We will train everything you need in your business environment. Lehrbuch: Materialien der Kursleitung

Kursnummer 241-319104
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Gebühr: 60,00
Dozent*in: Brigitte Hunt
Online: Business English Coaching B 1 - B 2
Do. 20.06.2024 19:00

Do you need to develop your Business English skills? Would you like to have more competent and effective written and spoken English? Courses are geared towards your learning goals, so group classes are kept to small numbers, allowing for content to be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of the participants. If you are preparing for an important meeting or presentation in English, or you just need to brush up your English for business to improve your confidence, this course is for you. Our qualified and experienced native British English Coach will bring out the very best in you. Why Coaching? Designed for executives who are active in international business and who wish to enhance their business English communication skills, whilst building their confidence in the language and improving their leadership proficiency. This Course will give you the skills and confidence to carry out the following executive tasks with ease: ​✔ Deliver effective presentations that engage and persuade your audience ✔ Write clear, concise emails that get the desired results ✔ Conduct intercultural communication with competency and sensitivity ✔ Negotiate using persuasive language and techniques ✔ Lead successful meetings ✔ Prepare for a job interview

Kursnummer 241-319308
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Gebühr: 140,00
Dozent*in: Hannah Schwabe
28.05.24 19:19:54