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Fr. 14.06.2024 18:30

Art comes in all shapes and sizes! Participate in an artistic adventure that celebrates the diverse forms of art – "tile art," also known as mosaic! Over the course of a couple of sessions, we will delve into the world of mosaic creation while engaging in flowing English conversations. This creative journey offers an excellent opportunity to enhance your English language skills in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Not only will you foster your English proficiency, but you will also go home with a beautiful piece of art to cherish or gift to someone special. Let's embrace the joy of self-expression through art while immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of English conversation. Join me for a delightful experience that combines language learning with creative expression, making memories and art that will last a lifetime!

Kursnummer 241-363101
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Gebühr: 38,00
zuzügl. 15,00 € Materialgebühr
Dozent*in: Brigitte Hunt

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